You’ll Never Believe What This Player Did To Improve His Win Rate

After recently going 3-0 at his local venue, veteran player Leo Johnson credited his recent success to his improved team-building skills. ClixHole was able to speak with the Organized Play winner about his victory and his strategy. When asked about the biggest change he made, Leo had this to say:

“Ever since I got a promotion at work, I’ve been able to expand my collection and fill in a few small gaps. That’s made me a much better player.” Leo was able to claim victory in the 500 points, theme team required event with a Cosmic themed team. “The team is pretty fun. It took me about 9 bricks to open up the ultra chase Thanos. I got pretty lucky there. Q prime I picked up from eBay for about $300 last weekend. I couldn’t wait to pair them together for this event to show everyone how cool they are!”

Second place player Julio Estrada, who fielded a Teen Titans team, was not thrilled with his own performance. “I don’t know what more I could have done. The Teen Titans are super strong in the comics and so I thought they would have been strong enough today. I practiced this team a bunch before today but it wasn’t enough to beat Leo. He just always plays so well.”

Leo has his sights set on a repeat at the store’s event next month. “I think these Black Widow pieces are supposed to be good. I ordered number 17 from a Facebook group. I think she’ll be fun to play with Immortal Hulk and King Thor.”