Wow, This Hurt—CLIXHOLE Faces $42,000 Fine For Using Real Names

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, Cat Grant here with your dose of the hottest gossip in Heroclix.

Could ClixHole, the game’s hottest satire website (and potential 2020 presidential candidate), find itself in the middle of a heated legal battle? It just might, if internet troll Emmanuel Gonks has his way!

Gonks is known throughout the Heroclix community for talking smack in public forums, but when ClixHole dared to name-drop him in a very obvious joke, he threatened the beloved website with a $42,000 libel case.

“Let me tell you, $42,000 fines are nothing to laugh about,” notes Jimmy Paters, whose Heroclix YouTube account faced devastating legal issues of its own last year. “I’m a clix content creator myself, and I have tens of fans who would’ve been emotional wrecks if I ended up getting charged that fine!”

ClixHole CEO and lead editor J. Jonah Jameson revealed in a press statement this afternoon that moving forward, the iconic people’s choice website will take efforts to better conceal the identities of the people they’re jokingly poking fun of.