WizKids Rules Team Forgot To Read Rulebook, Takes Back Controversial Ruling

WizKids’ Rules Team posted several rules updates on the WIN on Thursday afternoon, and while players appreciated the clarifications regarding the Influence (Mandarin Ring), CAAV 061 Mandarin and the ability of characters to pass through doorways, one particular ruling has created quite the stir within the Heroclix community.

When a player asked WizKids if an Autonomous character can be given a costed action if its owner has no more actions available in their action total pool, everyone expected WizKids to respond with a simple, “No.” After all, page 6 of the Heroclix Core Rulebook states that costed actions “can only be activated if the number of costed actions you’ve already given this turn is less than your action total,” and an Autonomous action is still technically a costed action despite it not counting towards the action total.

However, the latest WIN ruling took the opposite approach, responding to the inquiry with a “Yes” and no further explanation.

ClixHole reporters immediately messaged the Heroclix Rules Team to get a better understanding of this controversial response.

“To be completely honest, I’ve never heard of this ‘Core Rulebook’ you speak of,” admitted an anonymous spokesperson for this secret society. “I just write a bunch of potential responses on Post-It Notes that I stick to my wall, spin around seven times while blindfolded, and throw a dart. Whatever I hit, that’s the new ruling!”

Our source went on to claim that this foolproof strategy has thus far yielded only positive outcomes, such as the fan-favorite ruling regarding activating Colossal Retaliation when there’s no target to gain access to a character’s “after resolutions” effect.

While many players expressed their opinions online that there is no reason to respect the Autonomous ruling, rules savant Joey Panpizza stuck by the WIN and its latest decision.

“I only know what the WIN says. And the WIN has only ruled it this way,” Panpizza yelled at a former WizKids world champion on Facebook. “Anything other than the WIN means you can’t really say ‘it was always ruled this way.’ It just means you got some incorrect rulings.”

Milly Gilbert, however, said she refused to acknowledge the Autonomous ruling since she didn’t personally make it.

“I’m the only person in my play group who knows the rules, that’s the only reason I play this dumb game,” grumbled Gilbert. “I think I’m the only person in Heroclix that knows the rules, so unless I say Autonomous characters can take actions when the action total is down to zero, they can’t.”

When WizKids’ Penny Keñya woke up on Friday morning to discover an inbox filled with complaints about this ruling, Keñya forced the Rules Team to take back their decision.

“Alright, fine, whatever,” wrote the Rules Team in an official statement. “You can still activate Colossal Retaliation whenever you want, though. Why? Because f*ck you, that’s why.”