WizKids & ROC Announce New Format For 2020 State Championships

As various states start to relax their stay-at-home policies amid this current pandemic, WizKids and the Realms Open Championship are preparing to relaunch plans for this year’s State Championships.

Venues should all be receiving their product “sometime between this week and August of 2042,” according to Howard Brock, and may schedule events as permitted by their state guidelines after July 1.

The 2020 Modern Age rotation will now be in effect for State Championships, and the ROC will additionally be altering the rules for this year’s events by utilizing an entirely new format.

Last year’s Pauper format gave players a chance to create low-cost competitive teams, removing any claims that the game is “pay-to-play” and giving everyone the chance to hold their own against the best players in the game. Unfortunately, players then complained that there was a lack of variety in the top teams and that some Commons and Uncommons are simply too powerful.

Since the best pieces in Heroclix are expensive but the cheapest pieces are also seemingly too strong, ROC will be testing out the new Garbage Bin format for the 2020 State Championships.

Players must only use Common, non-Prime pieces that have no access to Move & Attack and can deal 2 damage or less. No characters with Outwit, Perplex, Probability Control, Shape Change, Super Senses, Barrier, Support or Regeneration can be played, and all special objects will similarly be banned because many of them had to be won at WizKids events and it would give successful players an unfair advantage.

“We believe that this format will be met with optimism and decrease the number of complaints I receive in my Facebook inbox on a daily basis,” says WizKids’ Penny KeƱya. “Seriously people, stop messaging me. Why hasn’t anyone noticed that I haven’t responded to a question or complaint since I landed this gig?”

Events will follow the same prizing structure as previously planned for this year’s State Championships… assuming Howard Brock ships the prizing out.