WizKids Forced To Raise Galactus’ MSRP After Catastrophic Warehouse Disaster

WizKids initially planned on releasing their Galactus – Devourer of Worlds premium colossal figure as the prize for this summer’s Coming of Galactus Summer OP Event, but players will now have to empty out their wallets to add the towering Marvel villain to their collections.

Galactus will now be exclusively available for purchase, and he will come with a hefty $99.99 price tag. In a press statement published on the company’s website this morning, WizKids’ Penny Keñya explained that the change in the Galactus release plan is due to a violent disaster which took place last weekend at their shipping warehouse in Taiwan.

According to Keñya, several employees struggled to lift the 12-inch tall colossal with a 3×6 base, and their difficulties caused them to fall onto the on-site conveyor belt. Disaster struck when these workers then went through the sorting mechanisms, and the entirety of WizKids’ Galactus collection wound up covered in their blood.

When Marvel Studios learned of this disaster, they forced WizKids to rename the figure to avoid Galactus being linked to such a nightmare-inducing mess. The colossal is now dubbed “Star Swallows Giant Hardcover Model,” and WizKids is being completely upfront with buyers about the fact that each dial will be smothered with a whopping “32 grids of blood.”

Keñya added that the company wanted to continue with plans to release the figure as a Summer OP prize, but the families of the fallen workers slapped WizKids with a multi-million dollar lawsuit and a $99.99 MSRP is the only way they can possibly hope to salvage their second quarter. However, Star Swallows will now come with an alternate, blood-free head to hopefully entice potential buyers.

So if you don’t mind your foot-tall colossals having a bit of blood on them, “hurry up to your favorite store and sue him for + 1!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: ClixHole does not actually condone suing anyone for +1 unless they falsely accuse you of living in your mom’s basement.