WizKids Announces “Rise Of Maximum Venom” HeroClix Event

WizKids will be launching the highly-anticipated Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage set in August, and Release Day attendees will celebrate the start of Fall with the “Rise Of Maximum Venom.” In addition to getting to purchase two boosters of the set—which promises to include never-before-clixed characters such as Knull, Scream, White Rabbit, Spider-Man 1776, Spider-Pharaoh—players will be granted the chance to win a new Maximum Venom colossal retaliator.

Colossal Retaliation has been a staple in HeroClix ever since its introduction in 2015’s DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman, and players have heralded the mechanic as “incredibly balanced,” “totally not criminally undercosted,” “fantastic proof of WizKids’ play-testing ability” and “a great way to keep people from wanting to deal damage in a game that’s supposed to be about dealing damage to opposing characters.” With ID cards being rotated out of Modern Age play this July, Retaliation is more balanced than ever and players will surely love this gigantic 4×4 Maximum Venom.

Maximum Venom can be played at any of its 300/200/100/5 point dials, with its lowest value offering use of COLOSSAL RETALIATION: We Are Venom… But The Real One, Not The Lame SONY Version which states “FREE: If no friendly character has been placed this turn, choose an opposing character that attacked Maximum Venom or damaged a friendly character since your last turn. Place Maximum Venom such that he can make a close attack targeting the chosen character then do so also targeting all other opposing characters within 8 squares. Hit characters are given two action tokens and each dealt 4 unavoidable damage instead of normal damage. After resolutions, heal Maximum Venom 7 clicks.”

The Release Day prize also benefits from the trait Eddie Brock Makes His Own Luck, Bitch, which states “Roll a D6 and place the result on this character’s card. You may use this D6 to replace any dice rolled at any point in the game. If you use this D6, immediately reroll it and place the result back on this character’s card.”

“Dice manipulation seems to be another fun-filled, well-received game element, so we can’t wait to add Maximum Venom to the ever-increasing number of figures with this ability,” stated WizKids’ Penny Keñya during today’s press conference, in between maniacal laughs.

With the Cosmic, Ruler, Hellfire Club, Justice League, Injustice League, Avengers, Scientist, Phoenix Force and Diety keywords, Maximum Venom will be a must-play on many competitive teams and WizKids hopes he will help bring further balance to the game.

Maximum Venom will additionally be a staple collector’s piece, as Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Venom Absolute Carnage will feature “Venomized” versions of iconic Marvel characters like Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange.

The complete set will have 17 common, 17 uncommon, 16 rare, 12 super rare, and 8 chase figures, plus 4 Prime characters and 7 equipment objects.  Boosters will be available in 10-piece Booster Bricks, with an MSRP of $129.90 per Booster Brick.