Weston Springs Forgets To Put An Emoji On Phoenix Nest Victory; May Be Removed From Team

The Clix Mafia’s Punchstravaganza tournament has reached its bracket play stage, and several of the top competitors in Heroclix are now fighting to be the sole victor and winner of the coveted Ultra Chase Thanos offered up by proud mafioso and reigning National champion Rick Fraiser.

Of the 32 remaining players, an impressive 9 come from the Heroclix team Phoenix Nest, a statistic which has been pointed out by all 1,267 members of that team across multiple platforms. Weston Springs has seemingly taken on the task of ensuring every member of the Heroclix community (and random civilians he encounters on a daily basis) knows about Phoenix Nest’s achievements, but an unfortunately recent development may threaten his place on the team.

When Luke Tom Paul Ringo Van Switzerland toppled his final opponent in the last game of pool play and reported his victory on Discord, Springs failed to respond to the result with a single emoji. For hours, Van Switzerland’s win lacked a heart-eyes emoji, a thumbs up reaction or even a emoji of a flame or bird. Van Switzerland was so emotionally traumatized by the lack of support that he demanded Springs be removed from the team.

“I don’t know what happened, fam,” admitted an emotional Springs in an Instagram Live confessional. “I was so busy telling people to ‘come at me’ (completely unprompted, of course) on the Clix Mafia smack talk thread that I must have missed that result!”

Springs’ position on the team is still uncertain, but if he is removed, Phoenix Nest tradition states that will be replaced by 633 new members. When asked if they’re running out of people to recruit, team founder Sheldon Eddie locked the cage containing BJ Polin’s friends and family and assured ClixHole that “Phoenix Nest has its methods.”