Tyler Sprees World Champion Piece Leaked

After nearly two years of waiting, ClixHole staff received a box from an anonymous sender that contained something everyone has been waiting to see — the piece that Tyler Sprees designed after winning the 2018 Heroclix World Championship.

Namor & Giganto is able to be played at four different point values: 200, 100, 50, and 15. With the ability to use Quake after taking a MOVE action (while destroying all adjacent blocking terrain), it can do a lot of damage in a single blow. Add top dial Invincible and a STOP power on the final click, and you’ve got a large damage sponge. With a beautiful, unique sculpture of a Namor blowing a horn while surfing the waves next to Giganto, fans are sure to be thrilled.

This morning we reached out to Tyler Sprees for a comment and got no response.

“We assume he’s still sleeping. He drank like four 5-Hour Energy yesterday and claimed he could smell sounds. I’ll tell him to contact you,” says teammate David Howell.