Shots Fired Accidentally Leaves The Safety On

On a recent episode of Heroclix podcast Shots Fired, host Jamie Jordan forgot to switch the safety off before he started recording.

Jordan, who had been uncharacteristically drinking Pamplemousse LaCroix for this episode, first realized his mistake when Mitt Dunham was mentioned and he found himself uttering “Man, bless Mitt Dunham.”

What followed was a series of aggressively kind discussions about the host’s favorite WWE pieces, why every Juggernaut ever made is the best Heroclix figure ever, and the introduction of a new segment Surprise Hug or La-Dee-Freaking-You’re-Okay!

By session’s end, the hosts and their guest—the definitely fake-named DJ Riggan—were firing affirmations and expressing their love for Mitt Dunham, all 3000 members of Phoenix Nest, and Heroclix Messiah Dustin Seeders.

When ClixHole reached out to Jamie Jordan for comment, he stated in a Facebook message, “I am not sure what happened, but we will make sure this doesn’t happen again. This level of positivity hurt worse than getting soap in your peehole.”