Scott Porter Has Gone Missing; ClixHole Editor-In-Chief Accused Of Foul Play

WizKids’ Fantastic Four and Spider-Man/Venom: Absolute Carnage sets will be dropping in the next several weeks, and as always, Heroclix players are at the edge of their seats waiting for Hart of Dixie star Scott Porter to preview some new pieces via one of his classic unboxing videos.

ClixHole previously reported that Porter’s revitalized acting career prompted him to abandon the Heroclix community, but the 40-year-old dreamboat gave nerds new hope last week when he revealed on Twitter that WizKids mailed him a heaping pile of new Heroclix.

Players assumed that an unboxing video would be coming shortly after, but both Monday and Tuesday morning passed without a single update from Porter. WizKids contacted the authorities, who then brought ClixHole Editor-In-Chief J. Jonah Jameson in for questioning. The Chicago Sheriff’s Department found they did not have enough evidence to hold Jameson for more than a few hours, and he held a press conference immediately after his release on Tuesday afternoon to address the scandal.

“My legal team has advised me to neither confirm nor deny whether or not ClixHole is involved in the supsicious disappearance of one Scott Porter,” stated Jameson. “However, if we theoretically were, it’d theoretically be because we told WizKids ten days ago that we were willing to sell out and do previews or unboxings for them and have not heard anything back. So if “everyone out there in Heroclix land” ever wants to see him again, WizKids should theoretically—“

Jameson was then rushed off the stage by his legal team mid-sentence, but was heard demanding pictures of Spider-Man Heroclix during his exit.