Scott Porter Abandons HeroClix After Landing His First Acting Job In Years

Saturday morning started off with disappointing news for the HeroClix community, as WizKids announced that Scott Porter will no longer be serving as the company’s spokesman for their upcoming sets.

When the minds behind Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL discovered Porter’s performance of Ginuwine’s “Pony” on YouTube, the HeroClix icon was immediately cast in their upcoming sequel, Magic Mike XXXXL.

“What is up everybody out there in HeroClix land, I’m out. Peace,” he stated in his final YouTube video for WizKids, while throwing out all the superhero paraphernalia the company forced him to decorate his recording station with.

“Suck it nerds, I’m back in the big leagues,” Porter was heard screaming as he ran out of the WizKids corporate headquarters.

Porter has been in charge of opening bricks and generating hype for each of WizKids’ upcoming booster sets ever since his acting career came to a screeching halt with Hart of Dixie‘s 2015 series finale.

According to WizKids employee Penny Keñya, the company plans on replacing him with that guy who played Screech in Saved by the Bell.

“Scott was barely a believable collector anyway, so it’s for the best,” said Keñya. “I’m sure Screech will fit right in with the HeroClix community, especially if we ask him not to shower for a few weeks and pay him a bit extra to grow a neck-beard.”