ROC Nationals’ Photo Verification System Used To Launch “2020 Men Of Heroclix” Calendar

When Realms Open Championship owner Brock Howie revealed plans last week for ROC Online’s upcoming Singles and Team Nationals, the Heroclix community debated over what the event’s policy regarding figure verification should be.

Many of the game’s top competitors voiced their wish for participants to be able to make their dream teams regardless of ownership, as that would allow the event to truly determine who the absolute best player is regardless of the size of their wallets or ability to borrow expensive pieces. A small—but vocal—few, however, requested for players to have to prove they own or can borrow the figures on their teams, since they want to be able to justify spending their stimulus checks on Heroclix rather than on food for their families.

It seems like WizKids has strong-armed the ROC into appeasing that whining minority, as Nationals participants will officially be forced to send photographic proof that they own or can borrow the figures on their forces. This has unsurprisingly resulted in a new wave of complaints, but Brock Howie exclusively revealed to ClixHole this morning that there’s a bright side to this decision. Realms Open Championship will be using the submitted pictures to develop a ROC 2020 Men of Heroclix calendar, which will feature several of the game’s most desirable players.

According to Howie, several players tried rebelling against the photo verification system by stripping down for their team selfies. While some of the images were far too disturbing to subject any other eyes to them, a few of the more tasteful nudes inspired Howie to give back to the Heroclix community, for what he deemed to be a reasonable price.

The $49.99 ROC 2020 Men of Heroclix calendar will reportedly feature Clix Jesus in the buff wearing nothing but a handful of Captain Marvels as the face of November, while BJ Polin using Danger Room constructs as nipple pasties will grace players’ walls and/or spank banks next January.

Unfortunately, Howie was too busy diving into his swimming pool filled with cash a la DuckTales’ Scrooge McDuck (which he accumulated by charging $30/player for an online event) to reveal the complete list of players who will be appearing in the calendar. But he promised it’ll be available shortly after he sends out the prize support owed to ROC Online winners from the past several months, which will likely be sometime in March 2027.