ROC Nationals Bans Orville Bridge Map

This morning, Realms Open Championship announced a curated map list for the upcoming ROC Online Nationals Singles and Team events. A handful of popular maps were left off the list, including most notably the Orville Bridge map. When asked about this curated list of maps, the ROC responded that it was a decision to encourage a wider variety of maps and address player concerns about players fielding some specific maps.

This reporter is relieved to know that players will not have to worry about opponents fielding the ever-frustrating, overplayed Orville Bridge map. It has often been noted that the map provides an unfair competitive advantage to teams who “just want to have fun and do Seth MacFarlane impressions.”

Players have expressed relief about other maps being curated out as well. Jesse Basura commented on a Facebook post stating “I am so relieved that I cannot be traumatized by yet another of my opponents playing the Docks map against me.”

However, not all players see this curated list as a good thing. One anonymous player (whose name was too generic to make a fake version of) asked “why don’t they just come out and ban Batman prime?” Other players laid out complex conspiracies that this is all doings of the “Inner Circle” in an effort to get chase Black Widow a big tourney win and have her watch-listed so that they can finally collectively play super rare Darkseid. One poster on Heroclix Players and Collectors Around the World was unaware of any curated list and instead sought comments on their new homemade 3D map and specialized scenario they made for it.

When ClixHole reached out to ROC owner Brock Howie for comment on the Inner Circle conspiracy theory, the only response we received was “watch the Facebook Live video on Sunday. Make sure to bring popcorn and beer.”