REPORT: Heroclix Player Loses Because Of Dice

Howell, TN Heroclix player Ted Pannozzo was recently heard complaining about his dice after his most recent game. When asked for comment, Pannozzo stated “I really would have won this game if my dice would have just rolled average. I know everyone says that but I really have the worst dice luck.”

Pannozzo, who often elected to use Perplex to increase his damage to attempt to land a big hit, was especially frustrated during an attack where he rolled a sequence of 9, 8, 9 and finally 5 after his opponent expended all uses of Probability Control.

“If only my rolls would have been average, I would have hit that last 8,” Pannozzo noted after the game.

CLIXHOLE reached out to noted Dice Sadness expert and Top 100 Phoenix Nest player Luke Von Hallond for comment.

“Unless Ted rolled 15 critical misses in a row, it is hard for me to take his bad dice luck seriously. I have had that happen to me in at least 12 different games. I miss ID Cards.” Von Hallond replied.

As of the time of this report, Pannozzo was overheard in his ongoing game as saying “I’m going to use R.C.E., +2 to damage.”