PNW Player Gets PTSD From Latest Majestix Prize Map

While many Heroclix players have shifted their focus towards the upcoming post-rotation metagame, Majestix’s weekly Open Series events allow competitors to look to the past with its Bronze Age format.

Every Thursday and Sunday evening, players get to try to take down a plethora of different undying and chase Black Widow teams in their quest to earn one of the coveted Majestix-exclusive neoprene maps. Previous Majestix maps have paid tribute to classic films like Tron and Star Wars, but Pacific Northwest player Brian Oscarmaier isn’t particularly pleased about the latest map’s theme.

Named “Temple of the Idol,” the new Majestix prize map clearly recalls one of the most beloved scenes from the Indiana Jones franchise. Oscarmaier has been tormented for most of his life for looking like a “fat Indiana Jones,” and says the new map has given him Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Just when I think I’ve finally gotten over my lifelong comparisons to a chubby version of a Harrison Ford character I choose not to name, someone puts me on that damn map,” says Oscarmaier. “I’m starting to think that it’s not even because the map helps their team!”

“It’s true, he’s literally the only reason I put that map on my list,” admitted Open Series player Steph DiCaprio before submitting his 734th Danger Room construct-filled build sheet last week.

Oscarmaier adds that his extreme aversion to the Indiana Jones films is the reason he can’t travel to Heroclix tournaments in Boulder, CO.