Majesticks Forced To Close Shop After Leaving 0.348% Of Its Customer Base Unsatisfied

Rick Japyoco has two World Championships, a Team Worlds Championship, a ROC World Cup Championship, and multiple Super Qualifier, State Championship and WizKids Open wins to his name, but the beloved gaming celebrity now has to add something new to his Heroclix resume — disgraced salesman.

When Japyoco opened the Majesticks Heroclix brick and mortar shop and its accompanying eBay store nearly a decade ago, he proved that it’s possible for a business to flourish while selling exclusively Heroclix merchandise. He has since expanded the Majesticks brand to include one of the game’s top websites and a popular new format known by many as “Majesticks Age,” and has helped countless players across the world enhance their collections. The acclaimed Heroclix star has served more than 3,800 eBay customers in the past six months alone, but when 10 of his online buyers issued complaints about their experiences with the store, Japyoco was forced to shut down his business for good.

“I’m not alone in having problems with Majesticks, just look at all of the other unsatisfied buyers,” screamed an enraged Hecate Kanga on Facebook. Kanga’s post included screenshots of the other complaints, but failed to point out that they made for (no exaggeration) 0.348% of the feedback left for Majesticks on eBay since the start of the year.

Numerous members of the Heroclix community then came forward to offer Kanga their own personal copy of The Flash 038 from Batman: The Animated Series — a figure valued at $1.25 — but Kanga demanded the figure be given to him from Japyoco himself.

“Alternately, I will take a pound of his flesh, if it is shaped and painted to resemble the Flash I wanted to buy from him,” offered Kanga.

A GoFundMe fundraiser was soon launched to help raise money for Kanga to purchase The Flash 038 and any other figures his heart desired, but even after over $13,500 was raised, he insisted that no amount of money could make him forget the injustice he experienced. He wanted his Flash, and he wanted it now.

Unable to meet the completely calm and not-at-all overreacting customer’s demands, Japyoco was forced to remove his online shop from eBay and burn his store to the ground, in order to avoid potential retaliation from Kanga and his team of lawyers.

“He made the right move,” said Kanga’s legal team in a statement. “We nearly shut down ClixHole for using the name of another client — who absolutely does NOT live in his mother’s basement — in a satire article, and we would’ve won this case too. We totally know how the law works.”

When ClixHole asked Kanga if he feels any guilt for forcing one of Heroclix’s most well-regarded champions into unemployment, he harshly replied, “What, does he pay you or something? No! I don’t care if he loses his home and has to live under a bridge, I WANT MY FLASH!”