Lovers’ Quarrel Forces Beloved YouTube Channel ‘Married With Clix’ To Rebrand

Heroclix is filled with adorable power couples, but one dynamic duo has stood above the rest ever since they launched their YouTube channel “Married with Clix“: Jason and Amber Collins.

The Collins’ popular channel—which provides followers with games, unboxing videos, rules explanations and strategy tips—helped them surpass former fan-favorites Brock Eaton and Perry Gordon as the game’s most beloved pairing. Unfortunately, things might change once their 3,000+ subscribers learn that the channel quietly rebranded itself late Sunday evening.

Amber exclusively revealed to ClixHole today that all she’d asked for on Mother’s Day was a fun scenario game of Heroclix with her husband. She assumed Jason would play the Masters of Evil to her Avengers theme team or something of that variety, so when she sat down at a candlelit dining room table and discovered that her mishmash of Condiment King, Eugene Torbit Witterspan and The Hood (without an Infinity Gauntlet) would be going against Jason’s +8 Cosmic theme, she was understandably shocked.

The couple played the game out despite Amber’s initial objections, and much to Jason’s chagrin, Condiment King critically hit every character he targeted. With a 6 saved on Q, there was nothing Jason could to do to stop the ketchup-flinging supervillain from decimating nearly his entire squad one-by-one.

When Jason’s Thanos ultimately fell to an 8 ATK Eugene, he flipped the table upside-down and stormed into his study. Amber could hear him type furiously on his laptop, and minutes later, she received a notification on her cell phone which revealed her husband had changed the name of their YouTube channel.

In his latest video, Jason assured the couple’s followers that the new “Trial Separation with Clix” will still offer the same great content, that the change is “nobody’s fault,” and that it doesn’t mean he and Amber love their fans any less.

Jason and Amber will be conducting a rematch on Father’s Day next month, and depending on how it plays out, the couple will consider re-rebranding the YouTube channel.

“I’m not going to be petty when creating teams, but I’m also not not making him play with AI 027 Starfox and JW 035 Killer Moth,” states Amber.

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