Letter From The Editor: ClixHole Not Above Selling Out For Pre-Release Product

WizKids will be releasing their highly-anticipated Fantastic Four set and their Spider-Man Venom Absolute Carnage set within the next two months, and Marvel fans (the only fans that matter, suck it DC) are itching for previews of characters and dials they can look forward to playing in the near future.

As always, WizKids will be giving various different influential members of the Heroclix community the chance to provide their tens of followers with an early look at some upcoming pieces, and those previews will then be posted all over more popular groups and sites without giving credit to the original poster. In the past, players have had to expertly navigate Facebook in order to find all of these announcements, but ClixHole—Heroclix’s #1 News Source—is officially willing to sell-out and become WizKids’ poster step-child when it comes to previews.

In just a matter of weeks, ClixHole has become the people’s go-to source for all the hottest Clix news and gossip, and our top reporters are willing to use their game knowledge and expertise to create Pulitzer-level write-ups about the figures that’ll soon be gracing everyone’s clix collections. Even that Common with 4 clicks of Earthbound/Neutralized for 85 points is going to sound game-breaking by the time we’re done talking about it! We’ll make readers laugh, cry, scream and run to their local comic book store for a brick no matter how good these sets are… and we’ll do it without being threatened with a $42,000 YouTube fine!

So do Heroclix fans a favor, WizKids, and hook us up. Here’s a FREE taste of the sort of commentary goodness you could expect from a ClixHole preview:

Image credit: Lucky Dice Cafe

Heroclix players have been waiting nearly a decade for Fantastic Four heroes and villains to return to the game. Everyone’s hoping to see a powerful Franklin Richards or The Maker, but WizKids is trolling harder than a ClixHole article by previewing this rare Hydro-Man first.

Would it have made more sense for Morris Bench to show up in the Spider-Man set coming out three weeks later? Maybe, but we don’t care because this dude is BUSTED!

Hydro-Man’s trait is a Unique Modifer which reduces damage -1 if an opposing character is making a range attack against him or one of your other Frightful Four characters. If your opponent thinks they can get around this game-changer by coming in for a close attack JOKES ON THEM because Morris is flooding the map with some Smoke Cloud markers that are actually freaking tidal waves of high-quality H2O. You know that scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home when Peter Parker totally got railed against a wall by a huge ass wave? Yeah, it’s like that. Unless you can fly, you’re not touching this guy… he’s the real Hydro-Man, not just some drone version the MCU concocted to sell more toys.

Speaking of his watery Smoke Cloud markers… he can POISON you through them. That Q prime everyone’s spending $200 on suddenly has to worry about getting too close to Morris, or he’s getting monsooned right out of the game. If you have a reducer, that’s chill, he can’t Poison you without help from some Outwit… but he can Charge your butt for a massive 3 damage. You know what dies to 3 damage? Dark Phoenix, and everyone’s got like 10 of those on their team these days. “But Dark Phoenix can totally just shoot Hydro-Man before he can do anything cool,” you might say if you’re bad at Heroclix. Homeboy has Impervious AND Shape Change so you might as well just give up on ever touching him. Pay-to-play scrubs better watch out, because rare Hydro-Man is about to break the game.