Heroclix Community Outraged By Fantastic Four Set List Snubs

The entire set list for WizKids’ highly-anticipated Fantastic Four set has been previewed, and while many players are excited for Marvel’s first family to make their triumphant return to Heroclix, a significant portion of the community seems to be angry about the absence of their favorite Fantastic Four-related characters.

The set will include several versions of the heroes who have fought for or alongside the Fantastic Four and iconic villains like The Maker and the Frightful Four, but that simply isn’t enough to make everyone happy.

“This doesn’t even feel like a Fantastic Four set,” complained Hugh Juwiner on the Heroclix International Exchange Facebook group. “Like, sure there’s Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, She-Hulk, Spider-Man and a bunch of other Fantastic Four members…. but where’s that street vendor who sold Johnny Storm a hot dog in Fantastic Four #213?!”

“So many missed opportunities of never clicked figures,” added Sue Perdum on Heroclix Players and Collectors Around The World. “Did we really need competitively playable X-23 or Silver Surfer figures over a Kristoff Vernard common that virtually no one but me would ever use in a game or want in their collection?”

WizKids has taken note of the bi-hourly complaints being made online about the Fantastic Four set list, and the company’s spokesman Penny Keñya assures fans that the next Fantastic Four-based set will address the issues being raised. According to Keñya, it will not include any members of the Fantastic Four or their most well-known allies or adversaries, to make room for “the random ass characters only you mega-nerds have ever heard of.”