EXCLUSIVE: WizKids Renaming Heroclix, Effective Immediately

For over a decade, Heroclix players have struggled to explain their favorite tabletop game to family and friends (yes, some Heroclix players have friends, we fact-checked). While the beloved game and its complex intricacies have become second-nature to most competitors, even WizKids understands that it can be difficult to explain to newcomers. That’s reportedly why the company will officially be giving Heroclix a much-needed name change, effective immediately.

“I tried and failed for years to make my girlfriend understand the underrated utility of Leap/Climb and the importance of Sidestepping an extra square when opponents aren’t looking. I’ve given up on explaining the game to people, so now whenever anyone asks me about it, I just say it’s ‘superhero chess’ and walk away,” admitted WizKids’ Penny Keñya in a statement.

Countless players worldwide admit that they too use this term when trying to quickly explain Heroclix to outsiders, so WizKids is simplifying matters by outright renaming the game “Superhero Chess.”

When asked for his opinions on this name change, Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen expressed immediate distaste, stating “I may play Chess for a living, but even I’m not nerdy enough to want to be linked to Heroclix.”