EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Jordan Forced To Return Heroclix Best Beard Award

Jamie Jordan, beloved podcast host and beard enthusiast, was reportedly forced to return his Heroclix Best Beard Award on Friday afternoon.

Jordan won the coveted title during the Clixed Off “Hair Off” competition in late 2018, but he was deemed retroactively unworthy of the honor after the contest’s organizers discovered he recently shaved his beard for work.

“Now that Jamie is sporting a villain-like Van Dyke, we felt he no longer deserved the title” explained David Howell, lead organizer of the “Hair Off,” in a press release.

While Jordan was too upset about the news to provide a comment, second place finisher DJ Bologna was quick to express his own outrage.

“I feel cheated! I should have won the first time,” complained Bologna. “My long, fiery-red tendrils far surpass his classic salt and pepper look.”