EXCLUSIVE: David Howell Launches Underground Alligator Wrestling Circuit

Clicked On leader and two-time ROC World Champion David Howell has reportedly launched a new underground alligator wrestling circuit in rural Kentucky. While the exact location of the headquarters was not disclosed, an anonymous source has reported that it is known to patrons as “Mr. Chomp’s Swamp.”

Howell and his team are known for asking guests of their podcast a series of questions that usually culminate in the guest having to decide if they’d want to wrestle Mr. Chomps, the “nasty ass wrestling alligator,” to the death. ClixHole can now exclusively confirm that what seemed to be a harmless gag may actually be something far more interesting — Mr. Chomps and the wrestling alligators are very much real.

The circuit brings to question the morality of being the owner and operator of a wrestling alligator. “Dressing up your friendly neighborhood alligator in spandex costumes and having it fight Heroclix players to the death seems wrong to me. I know I wouldn’t want my precious Thanos to participate in these events,” stated Derek Oldmark of his prize-winning show alligator.

“All the participants sign a waiver and join willingly. There’s nothing wrong with it.” said Howell when asked about the circuit. “We just dangle a few Justice League Unlimited boosters as prizing and people come running. DJ Riggan is scheduled to wrestle at The Swamp next weekend.”