EXCLUSIVE: “Are You There CLIXHOLE? It’s Me, Penny”

CLIXHOLE recently learned that Penny KeƱya has discovered the bugs planted by staff writer Spider Jerusalem all about his residence.

This disappointing revelation came as the CLIXHOLE surveillance team was listening in on a conversation between the WizKids employee and his mysterious employers, during which strategy was being discussed about which local store they would target to shutdown next. Once the discussion shifted to the newest “totally broken” (and completely un-playtested) mechanic they would create to drive sales on an upcoming set, the surveillance team heard a number of rustling sounds around their well-planted bug and then “Are you there CLIXHOLE? It’s me, Penny.”

That was when this CLIXHOLE employee knew the jig was up… for at least that specific bug.

We have since received no further input from the bug, leading the surveillance team to wonder if we may have to dispatch Spider Jerusalem on a new intel gathering project.

Stay tuned for any future updates as this situation continues.