“Everyone Needs To Take Social Distancing Seriously” Says Heroclix Player Selling Black Widow Gravity Feed Figures

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, Heroclix players across the world have been instructed to stay at home and practice social distancing.

The significant number of people selling figures from the Black Widow gravity feed set which released in Targets across the U.S. after stay-at-home orders were put in place suggests that many individuals are sacrificing their health and the health of those around them in order to get plastic miniatures, but many of these sellers promise that that’s not the case.

“I just lucked out after going to six different Targets in two different cities looking for um, toothpaste,” says Adam Sallee, who proudly posted his findings in the South Texas Heroclix Community group on Facebook. “Sure, all of the Targets had toothpaste… but not the kind I like. And the one that had my special toothpaste just happened to have Black Widow clix.”

After Alyssa McNeil’s Black Widow sales post asking for “$350 for the entire lot” was met with a number of “laughing,” “wow” and “angry” reactions, she clarified in the comments, “Everyone calm down, the seventeen Targets I checked were all just on my way home from work and I was mostly just looking for hand sanitizer.”

A few social justice warriors have spoken up condemning collectors who went out and purchased Black Widow Heroclix, including Heroclix International Exchange member Rick Mortyan.

“People need to start taking social distancing more seriously, this is just ridiculous,” complained Mortyan after the dozenth chase Black Widow listing made its way onto the Facebook group.

When members asked Mortyan how he got the Taskmaster chase he was trying to get $100 for two days later, Mortyan simply replied with “Don’t worry about it.” Comments then asked Mortyan why he was asking so much for a barely above-average figure, and he responded saying, “If you don’t like the price, just move on.”

WizKids expressed concern about the success of their Black Widow set during last month’s quarterly sales meeting, but according to Penny Keñya, the surprising number of sales have been enough to keep the company afloat during these troubling times.

“In fact, sales were so good that we’re going to be releasing a Avengers: Endgame gravity feed in Targets next month,” added Keñya. “So just tell people you’re going out for supplies and keep scouring those Targets. YOLO.”

If you’re afraid of contracting coronavirus but can’t go without the latest product, David Newmark is offering clix addicts a possible solution.

“I just flash people a few hundos and within a few minutes, I’ve got myself a complete set. It’s just that easy, everyone should do it,” says Newmark. “Sure, a few people contract COVID-19 in the process and some have died getting me my plastic crack, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. Heck, there really isn’t a price I’m not willing to pay.”