BREAKING NEWS: YouTube To Ban All Heroclix Content

Article submission by April O’Neil, ClixHole Freelance Reporter

Heroclix players, ever dedicated to their small community, have always been great at making content in varying forms. Sadly, these content creators will now have to carry on without the platform giant YouTube.

An email recently leaked to us by an anonymous source revealed that YouTube reached out to WizKids in light of the several thousands of Heroclix-related channels,

“Dear Mr. Bustin Zorro, CEO of insert game here,

We are sending this notice to inform you of our intent. While we appreciate your player base’s enthusiasm for creating videos, we must put it to a stop.

Our algorythms have determined that at its current pace, your entire player base will be uploading videos by the year 2023. Typically we would applaud you for cultivating a community that is so driven to make content, but the truth of the matter is that our data centers are not limitless and neither are your players funds. To cut this down to the brass tacks; Your player base is costing us money. Your players spend such an absurd amount of their income on your game that our market research has indicated no advertiser is willing to bother with trying to sell to them anything (exceptions of male enhancement and soap advertisers still willing to attempt). Without any ad revenue, we simply cannot continue to host these creators.

Mr. Zorro, your player base has diluted their possible viewers to the lowest amount possible while simultaneously pushing a fiscally unsustainable lifestyle. This email has only been sent as a courtesy, please do not respond.

Pogan Laul”

When we finally reached Mr. Zorro for a comment on the matter, he stated, “I’m saddened by their decision, and my heart goes out to all 4,500 Heroclix content creators. We’ve never supported you before, and we intend to continue doing just that.”