BREAKING NEWS: WizKids Pushes Rotation Back!

Vicki Vale here for with the inside scoop. We have it on good authority that Justin Zoram called an emergency Zoom meeting this morning to discuss rotation being delayed for another year!

Starting next week, WizKids judges Anthony Stablebarn and Brienne Gully will reportedly start at Wizkids Headquarters in New Jersey and set off on foot to spread this news by word of mouth to the Heroclix community. This coast-to-coast Forrest Gump-style race will also answer the age-old question of “who is the fastest WizKids judge?”

Once we got the news, ClixHole went about asking the community what they thought of this potential shocker.

“I’ve been petitioning this rotation for a year already! Glad they got with the picture and realized if we can’t play Uni-Mind, there’s no point in even playing,” stated an overall-clad player who wished to remain anonymous.

“Why couldn’t they just bring back more game elements! I would love to just use the Quinjet in every build,” complained West Coast player Steph DiCaprio.

Rumor has it that when word of the game-changing news spread to the 3,000+ members of Phoenix Nest / Uncanny Clixmen, it created rifts and animosity amongst each team. Both teams quickly disbanded, and the newly-formed Phoenix Men and ClixNest rose from the ashes.

Once the two WizKids judges take off on foot Monday, ClixHole will surely provide readers with more reactions coming in from across the country.