“Anyone Want To Play Some WWE Clix?” Asks Accidental Nerd Matty Greichunos

Phoenix Nest’s Matt Greichunos has spent the majority of his gaming career pretending not to care about Heroclix and piloting teams he supposedly built at the literal last second to major tournament wins. However, after years of trying to seem too cool to take tabletop competition seriously, Matty recently realized that he somehow actually became a full-fledged nerd. Now, he’s desperately clinging to WWE Heroclix in an attempt to distance himself from his comic book-loving peers.

When Greichunos started playing, he was considered to be too chill and popular to fit in with the mouth-breathing neck-beards typically found at Heroclix tournaments. Even former WizKids spokesman Scott Porter publicly called him “handsome,” an honor Matty brings up in conversation at least sixteen times a week. Things have certainly changed since then, unfortunately, because when he tried hanging out with some of his high school snowboarding buddies last January, someone from his old crew was heard mumbling “Who invited the dweeb?”

The 31-year-old former heartthrob was further traumatized during a recent online game, when he tried and failed to get away with his classic line about rarely playing Heroclix and not putting much thought into his team. Upon making that false claim, his son—whom Greichunos seemingly named after DC Comics’ The Flash—was overheard in the background saying “Dad, I was a toddler when you started practicing that team and now I’m going through puberty.”

ClixHole reporters visited Greichunos at his Tennessee home this week, and when we entered his living room, he quickly changed his television from displaying an episode of Young Justice to WrestleMania. A perusal into his bedroom closet revealed that more than half of his wardrobe is made up of superhero T-Shirts, but he noted that those were just workout shirts and promises that he doesn’t really wear them in public. Matty added that he’d own more sports jerseys if he didn’t blow his budget buying vowels from Wheel of Fortune to add to his last name.

Greichunos finished the interview by telling us that he’s been doubling down on playing WWE Heroclix, in the hopes of restoring his old reputation and standing out from the crowd of people who like playing with comic book-based figurines. He now refuses to go out in public without his ROC WWE Tag Team Champion belt, and makes sure to ask “Anyone down to play a WWE match?” in every online forum he can find.