2020 WizKids World Championship Update: Changes You Need To Know About

The devastating cancellation of June’s Origins Game Fair resulted in the indefinite postponement of this year’s National Championship, but WizKids has moved swiftly to try and ensure that the 2020 Heroclix World Championship goes off without a hitch. In an effort to increase both the safety and enjoyment of the event, players can expect a few small changes come October 9th.


Last year we received multiple reports regarding an offensive aroma escaping the gaming hall. As part of the 2020 contract negotiations, we must now require each player to pass a three point personal hygiene inspection before being permitted access to the Graceland Exhibition Center. Stationed at the entrance will be multiple stations manned by certified Scent Officials. These Officials will facilitate the inspection and will be looking to ensure that all players are appropriately prepared to be confined in a small room with a hundred other sweaty nerds all day.


When registering for the main event, all players will be required to pass a basic rules literacy test. This is to ensure the highest possible level of play across all of the matches. Each test will be administered by a WizKids certified Judge with questions chosen randomly from the HCRealms.com Rules forum. If a player is unable to pass this test, they will still be permitted to play in Battle Royale events at the kid tables.


Each player has the choice to mulligan if more than 1/3 of their force’s build total has been eliminated within the first 3 turns. When the mulligan is used, both players will reset their teams and begin the game anew. No additional time will be added to the game clock when using a mulligan. This new process is being implemented to give all players a chance to succeed, even if their early game strategy doesn’t succeed or isn’t as well-versed as they expected it was.


WizKids has received numerous complaints that the game does not offer enough benefits to those willing to pay the most money. Going forward, there will be a limited amount of the new premium TopCut pass available for purchase during day one of the World Championship. This new pass automatically qualifies the holder for the main event without the need to slog through the grinders.

We hope all of you will be present in Memphis, clean and well-versed, for the 2020 Heroclix World Championship!